Your partner for authentic premium and unique chocolate products, exquisite cookies and handmade exclusive macarons.

Where we are proud that traditional expertise, dating back almost 100 years, and innovation go hand-in-hand to bring our customers exclusive products that generate a unique tasting experience and a feeling of sweet happiness.

Our incredible journey has started in 2015 when two families of premium chocolate producers decided to join forces under the name “Mmmm. Delicious”. Only one year later they were joined by a young enthusiastic cookie and macaron lover. Combining our efforts and expertise resulted in a unique, complete and surprising product range of chocolate specialties, cookies and macarons. Our portfolio is various and consists of pralines, truffles, plain decorated chocolates, chocolate bars, 3D figures (small front and back colored figures with delicious praline or caramel filling), traditional and salty cookies with surprising herbs, crispy fresh macarons and many specialized seasonal products. Besides our customers can benefit from our clear and single point of communication and one dedicated point of storage in Ostend, Belgium.

We are convinced in the power of traditional innovative products adapted to the current consumer needs, offering them a unique experience. Premium products with a contemporary fresh and surprising look; that is what you can expect from us! We act according to the utmost quality standards in our modern sate of the art production sites, and use only ingredients of the highest quality, such as the exclusive use of Belgian Callebaut chocolate and praliné. Our fillings are based on traditional recipes, from which the origin dates back almost 100 years, and together with the high quality couvertures they ensure incredible tasting experience. Of course we only use natural colorings and natural flavors.


In our own center for product development we can furthermore anticipate on various specific wishes, developing and creating products and packaging that answer completely to your, and your customers, needs. But at the end, our products will speak for themselves. So let us share with you our enthusiasm, expertise and offer you a unique tasting experience.


We are looking forward to hear your wishes and we would like to take the challenge to start a successful partnership.

Our enthusiastic and motivated team is ready to meet you!



Solvaylaan 16,

8400 Oostende,



Tel: +32 (0)59 339 727

       +32 (0)48 968 243



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